Did you know that Joe’s Car Wash donates 10% of profits to charity? It’s true and YOU can help choose the charity!


You can vote once each time that you have your vehicle washed at Joe’s Car Wash!  Simply fill out the short survey below after you’re a customer and every month Joe’s will make a donation to the top 10 charities receiving votes.  However, if a charity receives 50 votes from valid customers over the course of a year, we will still make sure they receive a donation.

Did you know we were featured on Channel 4 News?  Click here to watch the video!
Channel 4 news

Would you like to add a charity to our list?  Please e-mail us at charity@joeschesterfield.com
Please complete these areas to vote:



If you’d like to see the rules surrounding our charitable efforts, please e-mail us at:  charity@joeschesterfield.com
No purchase is necessary to vote by regular USPS mail.

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