Check in on Yelp or Facebook and receive $2 off any wash package automatically!  Just show our staff on your phone that you checked in! Click here for Facebook Click here for Yelp Show our staff this coupon on your phone, or click this coupon and print it out to get $2 off ANY wash at Joe’s! Coupon “Like” us on Facebook and you’ll receive a free exterior car wash coupon (Be sure to message us afterwards if you’d like the free wash coupon)!  You can pay for an interior cleaning if you would like for a clean vehicle inside and out! Joe’s Car Wash Promote Your Page Too Need a great gift idea? Or, if you’re a frequent customer, purchase our 5 pack! Discounts start at 10%!  E-mail us or just stop by the car wash! 2013-10-07 Discount Bulk Purchase Cards Rough Draft of 44 inch by 28 inch sign
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